What is Easygento ?

The purpose of Easygento is to provide Magento modules which could be useful for developers and administrators. The modules are coded developer oriented.

You will find Easygento extensions either on my GitHub profile either on Packagist for the Magento 2 modules.

Some of those modules are going to be sold on the Magento marketplace as well. Those modules are mainly for Magento 2.

Magento 1:

Easygento_InstanceReminder :

Display a visual top banner on admin reminding what is the current instance. It could prevent some mistake if you are playing in your test instance and live instance and switching between couple browser tab.

Easygento_AdvancedProductGrid :

Allow the admin user to display in the product grid a specific attribute column

Magento 2:

Easygento_Utils :

Still in work in progress. The main purpose is to make developers life easier. This module allows to run easily some cron via Magento CLI, create custom product attributes easily.

Some feature will be added in the future. 😉

Easygento_Newsletter :

With this module, your customers will be able to subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter from the checkout.


This extension shows a top bar in the backoffice. You can customise your top bar colour and the instance name as well.

Easygento Product Grid SKU Filter:

This Product Grid SKU Filter extension for Magento 2 allows admin users to filter the catalogue product grid by multiple SKUs. After having installed this extension, a text area field will appear as a product filter.


This module is still in Work In Progress, but It’s going to be on the Magento market place. This module allows you to create your sliders and slides inside very easily, and you are going to be able to put your slider where you want.